Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Costume Parade

A few things recently have made me think about my costumes.

The first was a post from Margaret about some of her costumes, and she made mention of a group project we did.  Then Barbara Brackman was talking about the floral dresses that Abraham Lincoln's wife used to wear.  Most recently I made mention of my 'bubble dress' the other day.

I decided to put some of the 'bigger' ones on a page so you can all see them.  So now, just under the header on my blog, you should see a link to the Costume page (if you haven't discovered it already).  All of the costumes featured there link to pages with more information or extra photos.  Some of the information is old/out of date, but I figured I'd put it up like it was.  I used to have it on a webpage so the information has been typed up for ages.  Maybe one day I'll get around to updating it, and my hubby said we should be able to fix up some of the photos a bit with photoshop too.

I've made lots of other costumes that I didn't bother documenting that way, but here are photos of some of my favourites:

'Danielle' from the movie Ever After
I think this was one of the first really involved costumes that I did.  I wanted that movie so many times while I was making it that it was years before I could watch it again.  I wanted to get as many details as close as possible.  Unfortunately my fabric selection was limited to what I could find at the local fabric store so the colours aren't really the most accurate

Made for a Victorian picnic
This was an early piece as well.  Wouldn't like to show anyone the inside because there's a few things which aren't finished off properly ;)

'Miss Congeniality'
Again a movie costume... except this one doesn't appear in the movie at all, only on the cover art.

Manic Surgeon and Naughty Nurse
I love those shoes!! (and my legs at the time, but they don't look like that any more)

So go see the Costume Page, and discover what fills the wardrobe in my sewing room!

I should do more costuming... I haven't done anything 'serious' for years.


  1. These are really impressive! You're good!

  2. Wow - I couldn't sew a costume if my life depended on it! I'm in awe at how good these are!



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