Thursday, March 31, 2011

Catching Up

My sewing for the last couple of days has been a bit of a production line.  I've made three Civil War blocks, more blocks for Block Lotto, plus a Friday Block Party one....

The Friday Block Party one still needs some applique and I was kinda toying with the idea of doing that by hand, so it's not actually finished yet.  Not sure why I decided to do it by hand, and maybe I'll change my mind in the end but we'll see.  It's the first one I've done, although I've been following for a while.

Here are the Civil War Blocks

11 London Square
The fabrics for this one were sourced from the pile of pre-washing and ironing I did.  I managed to cut all the little trianlges of the trains and beige out of the other half of the large square (from the half square triangle), so I had less wastage.

12 Louisiana
The fabric choice this week was a little more symoblic than actual.  I spent most of the week planning, designing and buying fabric for the puppy and dino quilts I've got planned.  Whilst all of the fabric has now arrived, I didn't want to cut into it before I've cut up the quilts, so I found a different dinosaur fabric from my stash.  The royal blue is actually the fabric I bought for the dino quilt applique, I know i've got plenty of that so I didn't mind cutting it.  I also did a little work on some christmas items as part of my March Challenge, so the light blue is from that range of fabrics.  I didn't actually use the light blue but it was the best fit to the other fabrics.

13 Little Blue Basket
The fabrics for this week are fabrics I have used on the next Block Lotto blocks.  If you get your blocks in by a certain time, you get the info for next month early as a 'sneak peak'.  Can't share the block lotto blocks with you yet, but these are some of the many fabrics I used on them.
I might add a handle to this block later, not sure yet.  Some of the ones I've seen with handles look great, but some others don't grab me so much.

I've certainly had my run of half square triangles in this lot!!

I've also finished the next Retro Nine Patch block, but forgot to photograph it.  That will have to wait till next time.

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