Friday, March 18, 2011

This week I'm grateful shopping!

Okay so I'm being a bit shallow this week... but I love it!
I have been able to source fabric for a total of four quilts from three different stores, and am able to compare across all of them at the same time.  Not only looking for a good price, but comparing colours and patterns before I commit to buying anything.  It would be hard to do that at three bricks and mortar shops.

So what have I bought?

From I got all I need for the dinosaur quilt as well as a few extras for the puppy quilt, and the border fabric for my Birdie Stitches.

From Fat Quarter Shop I got the Kona solids I need for the puppy quilt, and Kona Colour Card, plus I got the white fabric I need for the stitcheries on Tail Feathers.

And finally I will get from The Quilter's Store the other bits I need to complete Tail Feathers (border, binding and some applique bits).  I don't think I'll be starting this quilt very soon but the Honey Buns I have for it are from the Clementine range by Me and My Sister (for Moda) and I want to get the yardage before it is no longer available.  I haven't clicked 'checkout' yet because I want some discussion with my creative consultant.

All this and I didn't have to pester my husband to drive me across town ;)

What are you grateful for this week?


  1. Love that blue fabric - and you didn't use any gas, what fun! I love shopping in my pj's, lol!

  2. Karen, you KNOW nothing is ever too trival for us to be grateful for (hence, my ode to my toothbrush and sparkle shoes, amongst other things).

    Online fabric shopping is like a money pit for me. I can't even sew and I have such a great collection. I just love fabric design and textures! x

  3. it's not shallow it's honest! it's good to be grateful for small things too! :)

  4. I love online fabric shops and the prices are great my little town there is not a lot of selection so online shopping is a bit of a must, but I'm's a good excuse to get the best online.



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