Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Puppies in colour

I was so pleased with my photoshop efforts on the dino quilt, that I decided to do the same for the puppy quilt using the fabrics I have chosen.  This also helped me work out what colour solids to use.

The main print is Hot dog, the colour 'Spring' by Hoffman Fabrics.
The white in the nine-patch blocks is a coordinate from the same range.
The green in the nine-patch blocks is part of the AlphaBuddies collection by Andover Fabrics.  
The puppy is going to be in flannel.  The pattern suggested making him out of minky but I couldn't find the right colours so I decided flannel would still give the fluffy effect slightly.  
The dark brown is Handspray by RJR Fabrics.  This was also the print I used for my elephant quilt, but in flat cotton, not flannel.  
The light brown is from a range called Bunny Luvdesigned by Bonnie Sullivan for Maywood Studios.  
The ball is the marble fabric from my stash.  I couldn't find an image of it online, so I cropped a photo of my civil war block, hence it comes up a bit dark.
The sashings and cornerstones are planned as Kona Solids in Pistachio and Kiwi but I haven't got them yet.
The puppy does have eyes and a nose in black and white, but I forgot to add them to the photoshop image.

I was hunting around online last night working out what fabric I need for this and the dino quilt, and also found a few bits and pieces I need to finish the Birdie Stitches quilt, as well as some fabric to go with the honey buns I've bought for Tail Feathers, which I'd like to get while it's still available.  I totalled up $230 worth of fabric, across three online stores (including postage and a Kona Solids colour card, and backings for puppy and dino quilts).  I want to buy it now as some of the fabrics are end of runs etc and wont last forever, and I might as well get everything I want from each store in one go to save on postage... but still, I'm not quite sure if our budget will stretch that far right now.

For all this planning I've been doing lately, I haven't done much sewing.  This means I'm behind in my Civil War blocks, and I don't know what fabrics to use since I haven't used any this week!!  Oh the dilema of having to stick to my own rules.

I have caught up on the Retro Nine Patch though, I'll post about that soon.

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  1. What a neat trick to be able to view it like that - I wouldn't be able to do that, I'd print the picture and never make the quilt, lol! I hope you can get the fabric you need, you're so right, when it runs out, it's gone.



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