Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Club Retro

I'm starting to catch up on my retro... the Nine Patch, not the music, although I should listen to some retro music again, it's been ages.

As mentioned before, I've decided to do this as a 5" square rather than 10".  All my stitches are backstitch and satin stitch.  I think chain stitch would be a bit much on the smaller scale.  I've never been very good at hand satin stitch, so I was a bit worried about getting to it when I started.  The first bit I did (the orange circle), I forgot it was satin stitch and outlined the circle with backstitch, then had to go back and do the satin stitch.  I forgot the second circle as well so had to do the same.  By the third circle I remembered so I did satin stitch first and then outlined.  I think the others came up better, so I'm going to stick with outlining first and then satin stitch.

My flower looks a bit wobbly too, now that I see the photograph.  Not sure if that is my stitching or my marking of the design.  Will have to be more careful on the next one.

Speaking of the next block, I've already started it, better get to and finish it before the 15th so I don't fall further behind.  Also gotta catch up on Birdie Stitches!

1 comment:

  1. SO pretty - I can't wait to start mine! I really love the colors you've chosen, very sweet! I've heard that doing the outlining first is the best way to get a good result for satin stitch - I'll have to try it too!



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