Wednesday, March 9, 2011

We all love beautiful fabric

but what do you do with it?

I see lots of fabric that I want to buy because it is just so pretty (or interesting, or colourful, or whatever), and sometimes I do buy some of it if I have the money but then I can never decide what to make from it.

My first thought is that I want to make something for myself, after all, I bought the fabric because I like it, but that would ultimately result in me just shifting my stash from the sewing room to the rest of the house.

This came about because two years ago my husband bought me some nice fabric for Christmas, and I put it in a box saving it for something 'special', not wanting to use it for gifts because he had given it to ME.  Consequently that fabric was still in said box until last night, when I decided I'd better dig it out (and a few other pieces I'd been savouring) and pre-wash it ready for use.

I could use it to make something for myself, but if I make something as a gift for someone else, I'll still get the enjoyment out of sewing the item (which, let's face it, is the really fun bit of great fabric), or even better, if I make something to sell, I can use the money to buy MORE beautiful fabric!

What do you do with fabric you love that you bought just because?  Do you make things for yourself?  Or do you have the enjoyment of using the lovely fabric but then give away or sell the finished item?


  1. I always make sure I make something nice with lovely fabric that I buy for me. I have a draw that I put my "special fabric" in so that it doesn't get mixed up with my "stock fabric" that I use to make things to sell.

  2. I always intend to make something useful with whatever I buy. Some have sold, some are donated and some I kept for myself and my family. Just do whatever suits you the best.



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