Thursday, March 24, 2011

Bubble, Bubble, Toil and Trouble.....

This morning lying in bed, willing the Little One to go back to sleep, I had an idea for a bubble quilt.  When I realise the Little One wasn't going back to sleep, I ended up here and decided to look for some inspiration (and to make sure no one else had already done what I was thinking ;).

These are some of the things I came across:
A hand-dyed muslin creation over at Going to Pieces
It's actually made by a friend of Dianne's,  a group of them set a challenge to make something starting with a plain piece of muslin. These are probably the closest to the bubbles I had in mind, but still not the same. 

Larkspur Lane Designs has this cute number:

Over at The Free Motion Quilting Project I found this one:

This is all about the quilting pattern rather than the fabric, which is not something I'd initially thought of.  I have a little experience with sewing bubbles.... several years ago I entered a competition to make a 'Bubble Dress' for a well known sparkling wine company.
I didn't win, but I loved the dress, and in the long run that feels a lot better than $1,000 cash.  It was a really fun technique and I hadn't thought of using it in a quilting way.

Whilst not really bubbles, I also came across this one from Lesley Brankin Quilts:
I just thought it was a really fun quilt and had to share!

Donna, over at Kindred Crafters made this lovely effort:
Aspects of this are also along the lines of what I'd imagined, but again, not really the same.

Another one that is not bubbles, but some fun that came up in my search results was this Twister quilt from Gen X Quilters:
I've always had a bit of a thing for Twister even though I've never owned the game and only played it a few times.  Many, many years ago I remember helping to paint a Twister board on the floor at a youth club, and at one point I owned a Twister key ring.  It was a small box with all the dots inside and you were supposed to lay them out on the floor to play the game.  In my younger (single) days I used to think about making an outfit out of it and wearing it to nightclubs to help with meeting boys!  What a pick up line "you must place your left hand on blue!".

Finally I found this lovely one on Flickr (couldn't work out how to include the photo here though).  I always love a good silhouette quilt, and I especially love the way this one mixes the silhouette of the girl with the coloured bubbles.

So many lovely designs there.... I'm so inspired to go in different directions to my original idea, but I think I should get it sorted out first, and then move on before I forget where I started.

What have you been inspired by lately?

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  1. You sure found some great inspiration - can't wait to see YOUR idea though! I really love the one with the silhouette, and that pink one that looks like waves.



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