Friday, March 4, 2011

Civil War block 9: Birds in the Air

Barbara's block this week is more triangles.  I think I'm going to be good at piecing triangles by the end of this year...

Barbara's blog shares a wonderful story of a quilt made entirely out of this block which included an anti-slavery motif in the centre:

After Deborah's death in the 1880s, her offspring cut the abolitionist quilt in half, one side for each branch of the family. When their descendents decided to rejoin the pieces, they removed the binding and found the small image of the African man, which had been cut in half and hidden for decades.

How wonderful it is to find hidden treasures such as this, and especially one with such historical emotions.

My block doesn't contain anything so historically significant, but the fabrics I chose this week are ones I used to make the softies to be donated to the Qld Flood and Christchurch Earthquake victims.  The 'birds' (the three smaller trianges) were meant to be from dark fabric but I wanted to use both the prints in the block, so they've come out a bit light.  I guess they can be light coloured birds like doves or something ;)


  1. So pretty. Looks like you are already good.

  2. Karen, that "marbles" fabric is really cute - it brought a smile to my face. Your triangles look pretty good to me! Thanks for sharing.



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